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The Test Centeris1.jpg

is.jpgThe Test Center of VNIISV is a uniform scientific division of the Institute, it has been created for providing of independent quality control of production, and also for the analytical control and environment protection of manufactures. 

The Test Center is accredited in the “Accreditation system for analytical laboratories (centers)” on technical competence and independence (The Accreditation Certificate of VNIISV Test Center №РОСС RU.0001.510028).

The toxicology laboratory is accredited for carrying out of toxicological and physical-hygienic tests and researches in the “Accreditation system for test laboratories of Gossanepidsluzhba of the Russian Federation” (The Accreditation Certificate №ГСЭН.RU.ЦОА.253) on technical competence and independence).

The primary goals of the Test Center:

  • Rendering services to chemical fibres enterprises and other organizations for analytical, physical-mechanical and toxicological-hygienic control including: arbitration tests of fibres, polymers, raw material and materials for their manufacturing and identification and ascertainment of structure of various chemical and natural materials;
  • Development of new analytical techniques for carrying out of scientific researches, manufacture control, nature protection control, the sanitary-and-hygienic control, meeting requirements of GOST R ISO 5725-2002;
  • The Control of environment pollution for the customers (analysis of water, soil)
  • Development of new and actualization of the before developed normative documentation for  analytical control of manufactures meeting the requirements of GOST R ISO 5725-2002; and manufacturing application of metering techniques; 
  • Development of new and actualization of the before developed normative and technical documentation on production and methods of its testing; 
  • Certified testing of finished goods;
  •  The Test Center is supplied with up-to-date laboratory measuring and test equipment, computers for carrying out of calculations and processing of test results. Test Center is equipped by control microprocessors allowing automatic metering within the limits of the chosen programs and conditions.

Department of polymers modification and production of yarns for medical application

The primary goals of the department:

  • Development of new kinds of polymeric materials (sutures, implants), including biologically active with combined effect - antimicrobial, antineoplastic, stimulating reparative processes in "living tissues" in all phases of the of wound process.
  • Development of polymers, lactic acid based biodegradable polymers including (homo-and copolymers) for subsequent processing into medical products, packing materials and some kinds of synthetic fibres.
  • Carrying out of wide estimations of polymer compositions and medical fibrous materials during the time process of their development and production.

Laboratory for technical and economic researches

During recent 15 years the laboratory for technical and economic researches has been carrying out marketing researches on main kinds of chemical fibres and yarns. The laboratory monthly makes price following of global regional markets, including Russia and other CIS countries; information gathering, processing and analysis of data of capacities, state of production and consumption of chemical fibres in Russia, the CIS countries and in the world.

Besides the laboratory collects information on new projects under construction and investment projects for chemical fibres, carries out studies of priority trends of chemical fibres development in Russia and abroad, finds up-to-date areas for final use of investigated products by experience of the leading global companies.

The laboratory makes medium-term forecasts for the parameters of the Russian market of chemical fibres according to reliable technique.

All economic researches are carried out on the basis of the fact sheets of manufacturers and consumers, Goskomstat of Russia, Federal customs service, Russian and foreign periodicals, official Internet sites of the companies, etc.

Results of VNIISV marketing researches are in great demand among manufacturers and consumers of man-made fibers both in Russia and abroad, wide cooperation with leading chemical enterprises and companies proves it.


Nonwovens department

Nonwovens department carries out quality control, management and marketing of produced nonwoven materials.

Primary goals of the department:

  • Development and manufacturing application of new nonwoven technologies;
  • Rendering services to chemical fibres enterprises and other organizations in determination of quality parameters of their products including half-finished products:
    - Research of air permeability, vapor permeability, draping of materials by standard techniques
    - Definition of melt flow index of polymers
    - Rheological researches of polymers solutions and melts and mixes thereof
    - Laboratory grinding and research of loose materials dispersity by screen fractionation
    - Research of sorption properties of materials
    - Pore metering by Behold method
    - Manufacturing of samples of nonwovens, yarns, tape yarns on laboratory and bench installations.

Laboratory for textile auxiliaries

The laboratory for textile auxiliaries was founded in 1970. For all these years research workers of the laboratory have been carrying out development of effective finishing preparations for all kinds of synthetic fibres and yarns and also technologies of their application for high processing maintainability.

The research workers of the laboratory have been engaged in organizing of textile auxiliaries production from domestic raw material, that substantially promoted the progress in production and processing of all kinds of synthetic fibres and yarns. The laboratory participated in the start-up of chemical combines in Mogilev, Kursk, Navoi, Saratov and other chemical plants (in all 37).

Today, despite of crisis, the laboratory is still in the structure of VNIISV and can offer a significant spectrum of services in the field of textile auxiliaries and related goods: textile preparations, detergents, preparations for metal-working industry.