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Carbon-chain fibres production

The shop for carbon-chain fibres production was put into operation in 1966. Till nineties of XX century it had been working as a pilot plant with maximal capacity 40 ton/year producing PAN yarn of 33,3 tex for  aerospace industry.

The scientists and designers of VNIISV have been engaged in development and industrial application of production technology of PAN yarn as well as the basic process equipment for synthesis, dissolution of polymer, spinning and thermal stabilization of PAN yarn, instrumentation and automation.

After upgrading the production capacity of PAN precursor has made 320 ton/year, besides technical parameters of PAN yarn have been improved, in particular strength properties have reached 550 mN/tex.

PAN yarn of 33,3 tex and 50 tex  is the basic product of the shop.


gcv.jpgHetero-chain fibres production

The shop for production of synthetic hetero-chain fibres has been designed for placement of pilot plant installations on manufacture of synthetic polymers like polyester and polyamide and their yarns. The shop was put in operation in 1964. Experimental works on production of aerospace materials, cord yarns for tyre industry, special yarns and fibres were carried out. The pilot plant technologies carried out in the shop afterwards were used at chemical plants all over the country and abroad.

Nowadays experimental works are carried out on the equipment of the shop and at the same time the equipment is used for commercial production. The main part of the production assortment is unique, developed in VNIISV, and has no analogues in the world.

The basic kinds of the shop production:

  • The filled fibrous materials applied as sorbents in respirators, filters, conditioners, manufacturing of protective clothing and for other purposes. The production capacity makes 30000 м2/year. Manufacturing of fibrous materials with powder filling on demand of the customer is possible.
  • Unfibrillated and fibrillated, twisted and untwisted tape yarns of various colours used for manufacturing of tare fabric, for sausage making. The production capacity makes nearby 120 ton/year.
  • Polyester yarns of various assortment for cable industry, they are also used in textile industry. The production capacity makes 6-10 ton/year. 
  • Molded products from plastics of various assortment. The basic part of molded products is made for carriage engineering and for the needs of VNIISV carbon-chain fibres shop for PAN yarns production.

The following kinds of products can be produced:

  • any kinds of molded products in volume up to 125 sm³ on the moulds of the customer;
  • rope synthetic universal;
  • distilled water;
  • various kinds of the dyed and undyed filament technical yarns;
  • polyamides (primary and secondary), copolyamides of various assortment, used as components of fibreglasses, constructional materials, stickers for adhesive components;
  • photoconductive monofilaments (light guides) for decorative purpose;
  • textile auxiliaries, oiling agents, emulsifying agents made both on ready formulations and on demand of the customer;
  • VRL-1/ВРЛ-1 water-soluble varnish;
  • VELAM/ ВЭЛАМ polyurethane compositions for reaction molding; 
  • polyethylene and polyamide monofilaments (fishing-line).

The shop for hetero-chain fibres production together with VNIISV scientific divisions is constantly working at industrial application of new kinds of products.


tp.JPGThe shop for textile processing

The experimental shop for textile processing started its work in 1970. Textile equipment for various technological processes is placed in the shop. The shop makes experiments on textile processing of synthetic yarns and fibres developed by VNIISV scientific divisions.
Now the shop incorporates spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and sewing sectors of equipment.