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The Academic Council

The most authoritative and leading experts of the Institute are appointed by the Director's order to be the members of the Academic Сouncil of "VNIISV". Now the Academic Сouncil consists of 15 persons, including doctors and candidates of science.
The Chairman of the Academic Сouncil is Alexander V. GENIS, the Deputy Director of "VNIISV", Professor, Doctor of Technical Science.
The secretary of the Academic Сouncil is Valentina I. ISAYEVA, Head of the laboratory, Candidate of Technical Science.
At sessions of the Academic Сouncil of "VNIISV" the following issues are heard, discussed and confirmed:

  • Reports on the main results of research works;
  • Actual problems of scientific development of chemical fibres technology;
  • The main lines of scientific activity of "VNIISV" for the period of 2010-2015; 
  • Problems of progressive development of the Institute and the organization as a whole;
  • Questions of coordination and creative cooperation with other scientific organizations; 
  • Promotion of employees on granting for the state awards, assignment of honorary titles; 
  • Giving recommendations for publication of scientific articles by "VNIISV" scientific workers;
  • Questions connected with education and upgrading of scientific staff and results of certification.